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A Legacy of Success

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We love Mount Olive Lutheran School because of its Christ centered education and small community feel!

The teachers and staff have helped them thrive as unique individuals academically and spiritually.

Mount Olive prepared me academically and socially for the transition from grade school to high school, college, and ultimately the workforce.

I developed life-long friendships that I still treasure to this day. Because of my experiences and the benefits from Mount Olive, my husband and I decided to give our children this same great education.

In the late 1950's a small group of parents began the dream of establishing a Lutheran elementary school in the Des Moines area. Over two years of planning went into establishing the school and on January 17th, 1960, the congregation voted to start the school and proceed with plans for building an elementary wing.

The first four grades were added to the kindergarten in the fall of 1961. When the first school construction was done, it included a three classroom wing on the west and the transept with a classroom below. Students met at United Brethren Church until the classrooms were completed in November 1961.

The state of Iowa first accredited Mount Olive in 1967. It has held state accreditation ever since. In addition to state accreditation, the school has had National Lutheran School Accreditation since 2001.

Many events and activities have occurred in over fifty years since the school opened. There have been trips to the fire station, AE Dairy, Science Center of Iowa, Living History Farms, and the choir visiting the various churches in the Des Moines metro. The students and families have traveled to soccer, basketball, and volleyball tournaments and had the thrill of winning trophies. Students in grades K-8 have experienced the excitement of the Boone track meets. Students have participated in concerts, entered into academic competitions, and practiced for Christmas services with music echoing through the halls for weeks.

The most important aspect of Mount Olive is the people that have been touched. Students and parents have developed close and deep friendships. Teachers have given part of their lives to the children they have taught, helped, and loved. Each year God's love in Christ has touched lives and has formed a special school family.

It is good to remember what God has done, how His special blessing has caused so many wonderful things to happen to His people in the over fifty years at Mount Olive Lutheran School. He created a dream many years ago, and used so many of His people to create a special blessing in Des Moines. His support has been ever constant and sure.

In the fall of 2009, Mount Olive's congregation voted to build an estimated two million dollar school addition that would contain classrooms and a family life center. Phase 1, the educational wing of the school, was completed in 2011. 

In 2012, Mount Olive Lutheran School finished the lower level classrooms and a remodel of the lower level restrooms.  The school was also blessed with new playground equipment along with rubber mulch to surround it.

Many changes continue to occur at Mount Olive as we strive to be a school that supports our students and families in whatever ways we can.