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We love Mount Olive Lutheran School because of its Christ centered education and small community feel!

The teachers and staff have helped them thrive as unique individuals academically and spiritually.

Mount Olive prepared me academically and socially for the transition from grade school to high school, college, and ultimately the workforce.

I developed life-long friendships that I still treasure to this day. Because of my experiences and the benefits from Mount Olive, my husband and I decided to give our children this same great education.


Band at Mount Olive is open to all students in grades 4-8. We have two ensembles within the program: Cadet Band (grade 4) and Concert Band (grades 5-8). Both bands have two 45 minute group rehearsals per week during the school day.  Each student also receives an individual or group lesson during the week. Performance opportunities include concerts, small group and large group contests, church services and community performances. Students also participate in SCIBA (South Central Iowa Bandmaster Association) sponsored events.


Private piano lessons are available to students during the school day.  Lessons are 20 minutes in length.  Students will be taken on a first come first served basis.  Once the schedule is full, students will be added to the waiting list.  Maturity level of students is important.  They need to be able to sit and listen for a 20 minute time period.  Students will participate in piano recitals and small group contest.

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Please contact Aaron Powell, music teacher, at 515-277-8349 or for more information.

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