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A Biblical World View

The place to start is at the beginning, with the first nation, the first educational system. When deciding how to manage your children's education, it only makes sense to ask the One who invented education.

Individual Attention

In addition to having a higher percentage of caring teachers, Christian schools can almost always offer more individual attention than public schools, many of which are overcrowded and hopelessly understaffed.

Academic Success

Students at Christian schools consistently out-perform their public school counterparts. Their standardized test scores are way above the curve, and they're better prepared for college upon graduation.

Success After Graduation

Because Christian school students perform at a higher level in the classroom than their public school counterparts, it only makes sense that their options upon graduation are more abundant.

About Us

Mount Olive Lutheran School offers a top-notch quality education for preschool through eighth grade students in a Christ-centered learning environment that is accredited by the state of Iowa and National Lutheran School Accreditation. Mount Olive not only teaches the core academic offerings but also offers religion, confirmation, physical education, music, band, choir, piano, hand bells and drama.

Mount Olive offers afterschool enrichment including athletics, yearbook club, Alleluia singers, puppet ministry and tutoring. In 2011 Mount Olive built a new education wing that provided a new school entrance, seven additional classrooms, school office, restrooms and an elevator. The school has also been updating our technology and now has Smartboards in all of the classrooms to allow interactive lessons.

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About Us

What Our Mustang Parents & Alumni Say!

We love Mount Olive Lutheran School because of its Christ centered education and small community feel!

The teachers and staff have helped them thrive as unique individuals academically and spiritually.

Mount Olive prepared me academically and socially for the transition from grade school to high school, college, and ultimately the workforce.

I developed life-long friendships that I still treasure to this day. Because of my experiences and the benefits from Mount Olive, my husband and I decided to give our children this same great education.